Located in the northeastern state of Nagaland, Dimapur serves as a gateway to explore the cultural attractions, natural beauty, and wildlife sanctuaries of the region. As the commercial hub of Nagaland, it offers a blend of tribal heritage and historical significance. Nearby, the capital city of Kohima showcases rich tribal culture, vibrant markets, and the Naga Heritage Village. The Japfu Peak in the Dzukou Valley provides breathtaking views and trekking opportunities, while the Intanki National Park offers a chance to explore diverse flora and fauna. Dimapur itself boasts the Dimapur Ao Baptist Church and the Kachari Ruins, reflecting the city's historical and architectural importance. With excellent transportation connectivity, including Dimapur Airport, Dimapur serves as an ideal starting point to discover the tribal traditions, serene landscapes, and wildlife wonders of Nagaland.

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