Kozhikode (Calicut)


Kozhikode, fondly known as Calicut, is a charming coastal city in Kerala that entices tourists with its historical significance, serene beaches, and acts as a gateway for exploring the treasures of the Malabar region and the broader wonders of Kerala. The city's rich heritage comes alive in landmarks like the historic Beypore Fort and the grand Tali Temple, reflecting its cultural diversity. Kozhikode's pristine beaches, such as Kappad Beach where Vasco da Gama landed, offer tranquil retreats by the Arabian Sea. Moreover, Kozhikode's strategic location makes it an ideal starting point for travelers to explore the Malabar Coast, renowned for its spice trade history, and venture into Kerala's lush Wayanad hills, wildlife sanctuaries, and the famous backwaters. With its historical allure and well-connected transportation network, Kozhikode serves as an inviting portal to an enriching exploration of Malabar's unique cultural heritage and Kerala's natural beauty.

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